Lifegrace Ministries; is a church on a mission where leaders are been raised and potential is actualize. It is a conducive environment where people (anyone) who are willing are given the golden opportunity to serve God for the great purpose of the Kingdom of God.

Lifegrace Ministries solely believes in sharing each other burden and helping each other, which is a crucial and greatest part of being in the body of Christ. We believe that it is for this very reason that God has made us part of him as a body, which is the body of Christ.

   In GALATIANS 6:2, the bible says… “bear one another´s burden and so fulfil the body of Christ”. However, fulfilling the law of Christ is centred on serving God.

Lifegrace Ministries is love-focused in the sense that it captures the essence of the fulfilment of the summary of the whole law of Christ that was made obvious in GALATIANS 5:14, that says…“for the whole law is fulfilled in one word; you shall love your neighbour as yourself”. So, brethren, let love lead, and when it does lead, we will all see ourselves bearing each other burden, which represents great service to the kingdom of God. For it is very rewarding serving in the house of God. HEB. 6:10.


Our mandate is strongly instituted and granted by God Almighty to help people actualise their various potentials, purpose of their destiny, to discover the reason by which they were created and above all to achieve an expected end. JER 29:11.

   This mandatory audacity entails the binding up of the broken hearted, proclaiming liberty and setting the captives free.


  • thanksgiving

Our thanksgiving service is every first Sunday of each month.

  • Power night

Our night vigil service is every first Friday of each month. Very powerful!

  • Sunday service

Our Sunday service is every Sunday of every week, from 12:00pm-2:30pm.

Mid-week service; Power prayer, Deliverance and Communion service.

Our Thursdays midweek service; Power prayer, Deliverance and Holy communion service is every Thursday of every week, from 7:00pm-9:00pm.

Prayer mountain service.

Our Prayer mountain service is every Tuesday of every week, from 12:00pm-2:00pm.