Children Department


  •  CHILDREN DEPARTMENT: The children department focuses solely on leading the children to Christ. Rendering maximum care to the children.
  •  USHER DEPARTMENT: The user serves as a ´first representative` Jesus Christ for a great service to God. This department always stand ready to assist anyone in the congregation who might need help.
  •  FINANCE DEPARTMENT:  The financial department aims at providing financial oversight for the church organisation.
  •  THE ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT: The church administrative department lays great concern in the management of the daily operation and the maintenance of office supplies and records. Coordinating, planning and executing church events. Etc.
  •  FOLLOW UP AND SOUL WINNING DEPARTMENT: This is the ministry of mature Christians who will render help to new or immature Christians to be bonded to Christ, which emphasis on discipleship.
  •  MINISTERS DEPARTMENT: The sole role of our minister’s department is to educate and teach beliefs, leading the service; above all, providing spiritual guidance to the people.